Concept of manufacturing


With European Arts Wood Cabinetry you can rest assured knowing we will get your idea right the first time.  We make sure and communicate with you every step of the process so that you stay informed, up to date, and satisfied with how your project is going.

  1. The magic begins when you contact our workshop.  Whether you give us a call or just stop by and see how we work, our friendly staff will take the time to talk with you about your ideas.
  2. For us, a visit from you with an idea, a sketch, or measurements is the ideal.  That gives us some context within which to go over the plans with you.
  3. After that we would meet at your house and draw out a sample design.  When the details are agreed upon we will work out the whole design and present it to you again.
  4. If you like our design we will proceed with the work.  However, if you like the design and want to keep it but decide you would like to go elsewhere for the work, we have to charge $500.
  5. After the job is done we request that you come into our wood shop and make sure everything is to your satisfaction.
  6. At that point a contract will be sent out and upon delivery of the finalized product shortly after.  The details of the delivery will be included in the contract.

That’s it!  Seven simple steps and you will be the proud owner of unique and quality wood work that you and your family will cherish forever.  Give us a call today and tell us about your ideas, we would love to discuss them with you.


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