Bathroom Cabinets

A bath is one of the more personal and vital rooms in a house. That is why each year Americans remodel that room more than any other. If you’re thinking of doing so there has never been a better time. Proper planning of your bath renovation includes both aesthetic and functional considerations like custom carvings and low-flow options to save money and water. In fact, the bathroom is an area where great strides in green building have been seen - low-flow faucets, shower heads, and even lower-flow toilets are now becoming standards. And with more efficient natural lighting you can feel good about choosing that new vanity you’ve been thinking about. Our modern designs work with all options to ensure you have a bathroom that is efficient for your needs yet is easy on the eyes and mind.

Approaching bath cabinetry design with the same skills applied to custom kitchen design, our professional wood craftsmen provide solutions for your bath area, large or small. As always we offer traditional styles or custom carved wood details, with the veneers, handles, and stain of your choice.

With space sometimes being an issue, it is important to account for function and comfort, and not end up with a literal “water closet”. We make sure our cabinets, books shelves, lift-to cabinets, and even cd/dvd organizers will maximize the space you have with plenty of room left for comfort.

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