Entertainment furniture

Sit down, relax, take a load off, and watch your favorite show. With our high end and experienced craftsmanship you can rest assured knowing we have your interests in mind when we craft a personalized, custom entertainment center.

Choose from one of our traditional designs or work with us to design a more modern feel that meets your needs for both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you need a built-in or a free-standing entertainment center, glass doors or gorgeous wood paneling, we will work to accommodate your TV space, cd/dvd organizers, book shelves, or any other space you might want. We can even create outstanding TV stands with custom legs or columns for support, adding your personalized statement and feel to the room.

Working with a diverse range of crown moldings, veneers, and finishes, we will create a masterpiece for you that will blend seamlessly with your room and house. And custom carvings are as comfortable to us as the couch you choose to go along with your entertainment center. Call us anytime to discuss your ideas!

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