Office furniture

At European Arts Wood Cabinetry we know that focus for work comes from an office that puts your mind at ease. Whether traditional or modern, we work with you to customize each aspect of the furniture design so that your office is your personal work haven.

A desk is a statement about your work attitude. From the handles down to the legs, we create all the specific carving details that reflect yours. And while we are making the transition to the ‘everything digital’ age, there is still a need for paper and we offer exquisite folder drawers, hard lockers, and paper space custom tailored to your liking.

Starting with the computer space, we help you choose the size, shape, and feel of the counter tops which can be made of various woods and colors like maple or veneer. Cables are unsightly and distracting so we create hidden space for them to be out of the way yet easily accessible. Accounting for outlets, we make sure that every bit of technology can get easy access to electricity. If you are working with wireless printers and other wireless devices we design elegantly hidden cabinets for them to be stored and accessed.

Lastly your lighting should be easy on the eyes, light your work aptly, and shine off of your marvelous work space. We make sure there is space for stand-up lamps and desk lamps alike and can even recommend some styles from our affiliates.

While vanity may be a sin elsewhere, when it comes to office furniture we know that it is important to get quality cabinetry that not only looks good, but makes you feel good.

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